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Lafata Tax Service History:
Home Appointments
Starting in 1974 Robert Lafata started doing tax returns for people at
US Steel.  Between 1974 and 1984 Robert Lafata continued to
prepare returns for the people he knew at USX.  As word of Robert's
skill in tax preparing grew he started meeting clients in their home.  
Also during this time Wanda Lafata starting preparing returns after
Robert's in home appointments.

First office.
In 1985 Robert and Wanda decided to open their first office.  This
office was located on Calumet Ave in Chesterton.  Located in the
back of a baseball card shop in a room that barely fit a desk and the
clients. (Some where there is a picture of that old office, when I find it
I'll post it)

The office grows.
In 1986 and 1987 Lafata Tax Service moved into the location of the
baseball card store.  And used the old office as a storage room.  
Soon Lafata Tax Service out grow the location south of the railroad
tracks and moved North of the railroad tracks, but remained on
Calumet Ave.  The 1988 tax season saw a new location and
continuing growth.

First and Only in Porter County
In 1989 Lafata Tax Service was the first and only independent tax
preparer in Porter County to offer e-file.  We have always been at
the forefront of technology.

Partnership with 10th Inning
In 1990 The 10th inning the baseball card shop from the first office
moved into the other half of the building located on Calumet Ave.  
Soon both Lafata Tax Service and the 10th Inning out grow the
location and moved into a much larger location on Grant Ave. This
partnership continued until 1995 when Lafata Tax Service moved to
its current Location at 408 W Lincoln Ave.

Current Location
Since 1995 Lafata Tax Service has been at its current location at
408 W Lincoln Ave.  In 1998 three weeks before the start of tax
season.  Hicks tax Service called and offered their Lake Station office
to Lafata Tax Service.

2 locations to serve you better
Because on Robert and Wanda's year round preparation for tax
season they were able to take advantage of Mr. Hicks offer.  

Current Year
Now with two offices, Robert Lafata, has grown the Lake Station
office into the number 1 office in Lake Station.  More clients get their
returns prepared at Lafata Tax Service than any other paid prepare
in Lake Station.  Wanda Hunter was continued to grow Lafata Tax
Service every year in Chesterton.  Lafata Tax Service in Chesterton
is one of the largest preparers in Chesterton.