Lafata Tax Service
At Lafata Tax Service,
we work with our
clients to get every
dollar they are legal
entitled to receive back
from the IRS.
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Lake Station:
Chesterton Office
408 W Lincoln Ave
Chesterton, IN 46304
Lake Station Office
3706 Central Ave
Lake Station, IN 46405
Chesterton Office
Lake Station Office
Drop off service
While you wait
Do it
Our #1 service.
Drop off your W-2’s
and other tax paper
work.  We’ll talk with
you for a few minutes
then you head home.  
We’ll complete your
return in the next 24-
48 hours and call you
when it’s done.  
Stop back in, we'll
explain the return,
answer any questions
you have.  You'll sign
your tax return and
take your completed
tax return home.
This year we have
expended while you wait
same day service.  
Bring your W-2’s and
other paper tax work.  
Sit down with one of our
experienced preparers
as they complete your
tax return.

Tuesday to Saturday
in the Lake Station
Office.  Call to Schedule
an appointment
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